Friday, May 20, 2011

DevarayanaDurga - the lovely hill temple

We were all set for a fine road trip towards Mysore with a plan to start as early as 5 am. However the regular evening summer showers was still continuing over the night and did not let us start with our bike trip early enough till 9 am. A random search in Google led us to a lesser known place called Devarayanadurga , off the Tumkur road which was closer to Bangalore at about 75 Km from the main city. Without much expectations and under dark and looming cloudsets, we started at 10 am towards Tumur highway. Starting  from Bannerghatta road it made sense for us to go via the NICE road, which turned out to be the best part of our bike ride. Awesome road, exotic weather and a lovely ride, NICE road is well worth a visit just for the love of biking.
The national highway towards Tumkur was very good and we had to take a deviation (north eastern direction , right turn) at Dobbasapete. From here on it was pretty much a straight road towards Devarayanadurga. After a small town called Uradigere (where there was a small mess where we had our lunch), the picturesque country side roads started appearing. Further on the road narrowed and started climbing towards the hill. We went straight to the Yogi Narashima Swamy temple, which is atop the Devarayanadurga hill. There were quite a few snacks shops here, but you would not get proper lunch anywhere near the temple. We had to climb some 100 steps to reach the temple. The view from temple was very good. We went past the temple atop the hill, a short and steep climb through the rocks will take you to the top of the hill.
The panorama from the top was indeed breath taking, and the setting was completely amplified by the overcast stormy looking conditions. The small temple spot at the top was particularly beautiful for photography. However I do not know how climbing over the rocks would have felt on a typical sunny day.
We came down with a heavy heart, and on our way back a 5 km ride took us to a place called Namada Chilume, a place where water supposedly oozes from rocks. It’s believed that Lord Ram was thirsty without water anywhere and he shot an arrow at the rocks which started oozing water henceforth. However the deer sanctuary at this place was good, enabled us to spot some deers for the camera. There was another temple closeby called Sri Veerabhadra Swamy  and  is also worth a visit for all those religious enthusiasts. 
Road on the way
Route view from the temple

At the templel

small sanctum atop the hill- notice the rain in the backgroud.!

View of the temple from hill top

Lovely panaroma at the top
Ringing the precarious bell.
NICE road was indeed nice!
Driving right into the rain

With some enquiries from locals, we found that Madhugiri fort is about 1 hour ride from there. I am not sure how good is the place, Moreover we did not proceed as the dark clouds  looked wickedly threatening, waiting to pour down at any time. I would advise those who come here to start early enough to cover all the places.
Its also worth visiting Sivagange, a temple town which is about 10 km in an another direction from Dobbasapete.
Route: Bangalore=> Tumkur Highway => Dobbasapete (Turn here for Sivagange and come back  ) => Dobbasapete  => Devarayanadurga
Best time to visit: Not on a hot day
Distance: 75 Km from Bangalore
I have heard that there are direct buses from Bangalore Majestic to Devarayanadurga, though I am not sure about the frequency.


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