Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skandagiri travelogue

The place is about 40 km from Bangalore. This is not the place for some greenish forest trekking..
It is a steep trek of about 500m uphill through some dried rocks and some green trees.
The route: on the way to Nandi hills at the bottom of the hills you gottu take a right turn and ask for skandagiri en-route.

Best time: I went during Dec.. but you should be lucky enough to see the clouds.. We started at 12.30 am in the night and reached the place at 2 am and started trekking at 3 am reached the peak at 4.30am and waited for sunrise. Its best to see the sunrise even though we can trek at afternoon to see the sunset. We went during a full moon day so that at night things were bright enough without a flash light. Its useless to go to this place in mid day. U can get to see the sunset then.
Place: there is parking space at the bottom of the hill and some people are always available as guide at any point of time even at 2 am at night (we paid rs 150). If you are going at daylight guide is not necessary. some tea/omlette vendors maybe present at hill top to your surprise. hot tea at 1350m at hill top at 4.30 am enabled us to survive the cold wind..

We were lucky enough to catch the glimpses of sunrise among the clouds. If you ask me if its worth going there at night -- You can see the pictures for yourselves.


  1. good info.. been there once.. quite good.

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